The Bane Series

A series in the making since November 2010…


It was once a single book, to a two part series, to a 14 book series, to now just five. My hope that these characters so near and dear to my heart will one day have their stories published and made known to the world.


AS OF JUNE 24 2017



Book One: IVY petr-ovralov-239613-unsplash

Ivy is trying on a wedding dress in the style of her mothers when a pirate kidnaps her during the painting of her portrait. Not knowing if she feels fear or relief, she goes along for the ride meeting The Wolves of the Wood and severely superstitious crew of The Midguard Ruin. She discovers freedom, true love, and deeply buried family secrets along the way.




BaneBook Two: BANE

Life of Levi De Barone. This story is a prequel to Ivy’s story and tells how he comes to the road of revenge, taking over The Midguard Ruin and turning the crew from the gallant life of Privateers to Piracy; and how he and Ivy knew each other before the kidnapping.



Book Three: BEIRCHEART fog-foggy-hazy-89773

A story from Beir’s point of view in which we follow the road to how he and Ivy marry after Bane’s death. They have a daughter together and Beir leaves the Wolves of Wood in order to raise a better family – for his wife, the child of his brothers and the child of his own. Charlie meanwhile wants to know more about his father, but they make up heroic stories in order to preserve his memory.

Little do they know, Bane is still alive and has been watching them from afar. When Beir discovers his brother is still alive, he must face the difficult choice of returning him home with dignity or remaining a family man with Ivy and the children. He dearly loves Ivy, but sometimes he still feels the Wolves tugging on his heart….


CharlieBook Four: CHARLIE

Years later, the Bane clan has reunited, but has been exiled to Aeberon due to Bane’s past. When his father disappears mysteriously, Charlie sets off with his friend Seamus in order to find him – both excused for leave of absence from the military where they are trained to become Dragon Riders. They rescue Winny, a princess of the Wilder Lands (desert country) and reunite her with her mother, discovering why Bane has gone missing in the process. They discover how to break the Coronius Curse that had been haunting their family for generations – a curse placed on the male heirs by the Gormagone creatures that can only be broken by death in the stead of someone you love.




She awakens in the black castle of Labrador Hill in the care of Lord Alaric Mathias; her family gone and red headed twins in her care. She can’t remember how she got there or how long she had been asleep, but she soon learns the ways of being governess while she secretly plans her escape to leave the black castle and make her way back to Aeberon.

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